How Fast is Your Host?

Well, we're way past, "Dude!"

We're not hosting from a basement DLS connection. While "ClubHause" sounds like a small time geek club, we are a professionally operated server and Co-Location service with a 100mb connection, direct and full burstable to our service provider who operates at least a DS3. Below are actual real world bandwidth test results from two different sources. [April 23 - 2006]

If you are not ready to pony up $2000.00 a month for a fast connection, let us help.



How can you do this at these prices?

Very low overhead. Let's just say that somebody likes us a lot and we have a long term lease at a great rate and extra space that we are not using. I hate to see something go to waste and I'm willing to let it go cheap than not be used at all. So every little bit helps us fund some of the things that we want to do.

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